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CK-2111 continuous wave cavity magnetron magnetron projects 30KW
Whatever equipment require magnetron output load as far as possible do match, its voltage standing wave ratio should be as small as possible.Standing wave big not only reflected power, it was able to actually received power is reduced, and can cause magnetron moding and cathode overheating, serious when pipe damage.Moding, anode current suddenly appear.The causes of moding besides pattern separation degree of small pipe itself, mainly has the following several aspects(1) power resistance is too large, high light and arouse the PI model.(2) load serious mismatch, adverse phase reflection reduces the high frequency field and electron flow interaction, and cannot maintain normal PI mold oscillation.(3) lack of filament heating, cause the launch is insufficient, or because of the tube is deflated the emission cathode poisoning is insufficient, can't provide PI for mould oscillation tube current.To avoid the happening of the moding, request power resistance is too large, the load should be match, the filament heating current should comply with the specifications
Frequency range (f)2450±20MHz
Filament voltage when preheating6.4±0.3V
Filament current when preheating66A
Filament current when working3A
Anodic voltage≤13kV
Anodic current≤3.3A
Output power≥30kW
Load VSWR≤1.15:1
Cooling modewater cooling
Energy transport modeBJ—22 waveguide output
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