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Corrosion resistance
Characteristics: for acid, alkali, organic solvent and salt and other kinds of corrosion environment, have superior corrosion resistance. Applied to: petrochemical industry, textile printing, shipbuilding industry, food processing, electronic products, sewage treatment and other industries. Products: gutter cover plate, operation platform, staircase step, fence fence, industrial floor and so on.

Skid resistance
Characteristics: Standard concave surface antiskid design, greatly increase the friction coefficient. According to the special environmental requirements, the skid sand surface can be designed, and it has reliable safety. Applied to: petrochemical industry, interior decoration, metal smelting, aquaculture and other industries. Products: gutter cover plate, staircase anti slide plate, operation platform and so on.

Adiabatic insulation
The characteristics show that the material itself is an insulating material, and it is used in the environment with a sense of electricity, and it has good safety. Applied to: Electric Power Engineering, metallurgical smelting and so on. Products: transformer platform, cable rail, box guardrail, operating platform, hoop etc..

High comprehensive economic benefit
Characteristics: the maintenance cost of the metal grille is about 4~5 times of the initial purchase cost, and the maintenance cost of this product is almost zero. Applied to: Municipal Engineering, building property, road and bridge building, etc. Products: manhole cover, enclosure and replacement of all outdoor metal and other products.FRP Application suppliers

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