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Acrylic Polyester Blended Fancy Napping Yarn for Knitwear

Product Introduction of the Napping Yarn
Our Napping Yarn is hairy and bulky. And because of this, we usually call it Napping Yarn. This  yarn is popular because of its excellent properties, such as: superior handle, good hygroscopicity and elasticity, high gas permeability, great warmth retention property, aright comfort, unique tailoring effect and so on. Some of our Napping Yarns have many colorful neps, which make the fabric more beautiful. We use green raw material to make yarns. Our goal is environmental-friendly energy-efficient products, healthy environment and the green low-carbon life.

Product Parameter (Specification) of the Napping Yarn

Product Feature And Application of the Napping Yarn
The Napping Yarn is good in quality and light in weight. This yarn have good warmth retention property, so it is suitable for knitting sweaters, scarves and other fabrics for spring, autumn and winter. We have many different kinds of Napping Yarns, like colorful neps napping yarn, toothbrush napping and mohair yarn and so on.

Production Details of the Napping Yarn

Production Process of the Napping Yarn

Deliver,Shipping And Serving of the Napping Yarn

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