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Sandboxing beat KT Rollster for its fourth straight victory. Celebrating the third anniversary of his debut, "Ghost" Jang Yong-jun contributed to the team's victory with the first set of Jaya and the third set with Sona. 

Sandbox won the match against LCK Summer first round KT at Seoul's Roll Park on Sunday afternoon. Sandbox, which has won four consecutive games, maintained its second place after Griffin with five wins and one loss (+5). KT, on the other hand, allowed Hanwha Life Insurance Co. to tie for seventh with two wins and four losses. 

Sandbox, which failed to stop KT's "Fray" Kim Jong-in's pike until the middle of the first set, appeared to be pushed back to 2-10. Sandbox, however, overpowered his opponents in the 33rd minute, with Leblanc of mid-tier battle book "Dove" Kim Jae-yeon and Zaya of "Ghost" Jang Yong-jun. 

Sandbox, who brought the baron, pushed the opponent's Mead and the top third tower and suppressor, and Zaya of the battle book "Ghost" over the elder dragon in the 40th minute of the game hit a triple kill to drive a wedge into the victory. 공주알바 Sandbox blew a 1-0 lead in the 41st minute of the match, hitting the opposing twin towers and the Nexus. 

Sandbox, who gave up the second set, grabbed the victory by Jang Yong-jun of "Ghost," who chose to play singles Sona during a bottom-banking session in the early third set, grabbing all of KT's bartoms. The Art Rocks of "Summit" died in the tower, but Sandbox, whose Bottom SONA took center stage and recorded another kill, made it a success for "OnFlick" after another bout of bartam banking. 

Sandbox, who captured Lexay in the top jungle, drew five people to Bottom in the 13th minute of the match to win the kill against Izreal of "Fray" and Tom Kunch of "Snowflakes." Sandbox broke ArtRox at Bottom, but demolished Mead and Tower Pagoda. Sandbox struggled with KT's counterattack, but cut the Lexay of the battle book "Score" in the middle third tower in the 23rd minute of the match. Sandbox faced a crisis when he sidled the "Smap" Jays, but Sona won the 29th minute. In the end, Sandbox pushed its opponent into the main line, which became a Muju-sanctioned game, destroying the Nexus and ending the long race.

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