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Product Description
The popularity of thermoformed and reaction injection-molded (RIM) parts continues to increase demand for composite molding hydraulic press. Once reserved for specialized aerospace applications, compression molding and hot forming presses are now in widespread use across a variety of industries. These specialty machines are used to form parts from essentially any material, including carbon fiber material, fiber-reinforced plastics, composites, and rubber.

Pengda’s compression molding presses are highly sophisticated manufacturing solutions engineered specifically to maximize process efficiency. From maintaining the constant application of heat throughout a specified dwell period, to precision pressure ramping, managing burp cycles and collecting specific cycle data for part quality verification, Pengda composite molding press help you perfect your forming operation.

Our production of composite molding hydraulic press machine sales service network all over the world, the company fully implements ISO9001 quality assurance system, the product meets the EU requirements for product quality CE, the company has low equipment failure, high product automation, stable equipment operation, fast, quiet, energy-saving, The features of the equipment are precise, and the service is fast, which is favored by customers.

Product Features and Advantages
1. YP78 series composite hydraulic press structure is compact in design, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and sensitive to action. Fast speed, low energy consumption and low noise;
2. The machine is equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control system. It adopts centralized control of buttons, which can realize two forming processes of fixed stroke and constant pressure, with functions of pressure display, stroke and pressure adjustment;
3. Electric, oil or steam heating systems, multi-zone temperature control for extreme uniformity;
4. Data acquisition systems;
5. Active leveling control;
6. For the special requirements of customers, we can specially design and produce, to meet the requirements of the customer's production process to the utmost.

Main Specification
Force (KN)
Normal Force5000100001500020000250003000040000
Stripping Force1500200030004000500060008000
Size (mm)
Slider Stroke1400160018002000200022003500
Opening Height1800200022002400240026003000
Working Table SizeL-R1800200026003000320034004000
Speed (mm/s)
Fast Closing300/800300/800300/800300/800300/800300/800300/800
Fast Return250/600250/600250/600250/600250/600250/600250/600
Power (kW)
Servo Motor Power32/7044/13067/15075/20080/220130/260175/350
Detailed Images
Hydraulic Unit
Position: On the top platform
Brand: Valve: Rexroth
Servo motor: Intaly Phase
Process: Cold drawn galvanized pipe; SAE   flange; cable channel; oil tank inside picking and outside painting
Electrical System
Piston: On the ground
Brand: Siemens, Schneider, ABB
Original: Germany
High quality components, the whole   canibet compeletly follow the CE requirements
Safety Curtain
Type: L type
Brand: Sick C4000 or similar
Original: Germany
High safety level of the machine, safety   curtain, emergency, protective door, safety lock system and other kinds make   the machine more safer.

After Sales Service
1. Provide free technical advice, personnel training (if necessary) and other services.
2. The equipment is warranted for one year from the date of shipment.
3. Quality problems caused by improper operation during the warranty period, we will receive a response immediately after receiving the notice, and make a solution.
Safety Operation
1. Those who do not understand the structural performance of the machine or the operating procedures should not start the machine without authorization;
2. The machine should not be overhauled and adjusted during the working process;
3. When the machine finds serious oil leakage or other abnormalities (such as unreliable operation, loud noise, vibration, etc.), it should stop to analyze the cause, try to eliminate it, and do not bring disease into production;
4. Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity;
5. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider;
6. Electrical equipment grounding must be firm and reliable;
7. At the end of each day, put the slider to the lowest position.Composite Molding Press suppliers

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