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Product features and application
1. Product features and application
● Standard port
● Forged brass
● Antique head
● Liquid filled sensor
● Straight pattern
● Port: 2-way
● Fields of Applications: Water, Hot water
● Maximum Working Pressure: 1.6Mpa
● Control temperature range: 0 - 30°C
● Working temperature: 0ºC to 120ºC (from 32°F to 248°F)
● Connection way: Male and female Thread Connections Comply With ISO228 (BS2779), Other optional connection way: Clamp, solder, loose joint and PEX connection.
● Surface color
Chromed PlatedNickel PlatedAntique PlatedBrass colorGolden color
Surface color

● Certificate: CE, SGS, I SO9001
● 100% leakage tested
Material specifications
NO.Part NameMaterial
1CartridgeForged Brass
2BodyForged Brass
5Screw ProtectorBrass
6Handle wheelABS
Size (inch)DN(mm)L(mm)P(mm)H(mm)D(mm)Weight
Product introduction of Antique plated brass radiator valve
This forged brass Antique plated brass radiator valve. When room temperature drops, the radiator valve opens to allow more hot water or steam to flow through the radiator, thus allowing more heat into the room. When the room approaches the selected temperature, the operator causes the valve to begin closing off the flow of hot water or steam. This continued monitoring of the temperature is fully automatic, using no electricity whatsoever.
Certificate of productChina Thermostatic Radiator Valve

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