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Product: Active Feed Dry Yeast
Introduction of Active Feed dry yeast
The Active Feed Dry Yeast is a new type of animal feed additive in field of biological engineering technology. It’s food grade, pure natural, healthy and nutritious. Our Active Feed Dry Yeast is widely used in animal farms in local China and abroad. The animal farms and scientists praise it highly as “the most promising feed additive in animal breeding industry.
How to Use Active Feed Dry Yeast:
1. Add Active Feed Dry Yeast in scientific dosage and some water into feed, mix it up , ferment for 1~2 hours under 30-38℃, feed animals the fermented feed. Please don’t ferment for a long time, in case the foreign bacteria pollute the feed and lower the feeding efficiency.
2. Mix the Active Feed Dry Yeast according to one time usage. Extra fermented feed should be kept in storage no longer than three days.
3. Dosage for Reference
Cows   and SheepFishSeashellWild   animal
Matters need attention:
1. Keep the active feed yeast in cool and dry place. Please use up after opened, or keep in refrigerator.
2. Don’t stop for using suddenly or discontinuity. It would lower the feeding efficiency.
3. Please do not feed the active feed dry yeast directly to animal.
About Dalian Xinghe Yeast Co.,Ltd.
China Dalian Xinghe Yeast Co., Ltd. is located in Dalian city - the Northeast of China. We are the professional manufacturer of instant dry yeast since 1998 and proud to be the member of China Bio-tech Fermentation Industry Association.The total annual output is 15,000 tons. Our main products are high sugar and low sugar instant dry yeast, active feed yeast, brewer yeast, etc.
Send Us Your Detailed Procurement Requirements:
E-mail of Export Department:
sales@e-xinghe.com  (North America, South America, Africa, Oceania)
office@e-xinghe.com  (Asia, Europe, Mid-east)

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